Oklahoma History Center
2401 N. Laird Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK

June 29, 2009 – For Immediate Release

Contact: Michael Dean (405) 522-5241


The Oklahoma Historical Society, in partnership with the state’s public
radio stations, is sponsoring a weekly radio show featuring the history of
Rock and Roll in Oklahoma.

The show is produced and narrated by noted Oklahoma recording artist and
record producer Steve Ripley.

“Oklahoma Rock And Roll with Steve Ripley” is a 20-part radio series that
explores the music of Oklahoma artists and song writers and their influence
on Rock and Roll. “We will look at not just Rock and Roll in Oklahoma,” said
Ripley, “but also the roots of Rock and Roll such as Woody Guthrie, Bob
Wills, and Charlie Christian.”

The radio show is being produced in conjunction with a major new museum
exhibition at the Oklahoma History Center called “Another Hot Oklahoma
Night: A Rock and Roll Exhibit.”

“We gave the show a trial run on two public radio stations, KOSU at Oklahoma
State University and KGOU at the University of Oklahoma,” said Dr. Bob L.
Blackburn, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Historical Society. “The
public response was overwhelmingly positive.”

Over the July 4th weekend, KOSU and KGOU will restart the show beginning
with the first hour. The same show will air on KCCU at Cameron University
and KWGS at the University of Tulsa. The first two shows, “Home Sweet
Oklahoma” (parts 1 and 2), are basically an Oklahoma Music Revue that sets
the stage for what lies ahead in the weeks and shows to come.

Ripley guides the listener through the music of Oklahomans such as Leon
Russell and J.J. Cale and their direct links to people like Dylan, Clapton,
and Joe Cocker. He explores the roots of Rockabilly and Oklahomans such as
Wanda Jackson and The Collins Kids.

“The picture starts to emerge of an art form that owes its heart to a
mixture of hillbilly, gospel, blues, rhythm & blues, and jazz,” said Ripley.
“Interwoven are Native American and African American influences.this is
America’s music.Oklahoma Rock and Roll.”

KOSU, Oklahoma State University, broadcasts the show on Fridays at 7:00 p.m.
The first episode will air on Friday July 3rd. KOSU broadcasts on 91.7 in
Stillwater and Oklahoma City, 107.5 in Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma, and
101.9 in Okmulgee.

KCCU, Cameron University, will broadcast the first show at 9:00 p.m.,
Friday, July 3rd on 89.3 in Lawton and Fort Sill, 95.9 in Woodward and
Northwest Oklahoma, 88.7 in Wichita Falls, 90.3 in Ardmore, 90.1 in Altus,
89.3 in Duncan, 100.1 in Chickasha and 89.1 in Weatherford, Clinton and Elk

KWGS, University of Tulsa, will air the first show on Sunday, July 5th at
6:00 p.m. and broadcasts on 89.5 in Tulsa.

KGOU, University of Oklahoma, airs the show on Sunday afternoons at 12:00
p.m. and broadcasts on 106.3 in Norman, Moore and Oklahoma City. KROU is
on 105.7 in Spencer and Oklahoma City, 103.1 in Seminole, and 97.9 in Ada.

“We really appreciate the support the four university-related public radio
stations have given us,” said Blackburn. “This is the first time all four
stations have broadcast an Oklahoma produced program on a continuing basis.
This shows their support for Oklahoma history, music and programming.”

Michael Dean
Public Relations Director
Oklahoma Historical Society
2401 N. Laird Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73105-7914
(405) 522-5241
“Another Hot Oklahoma Night”
the history of Rock n Roll in Oklahoma

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  1. rick stearns
    Posted July 12, 2009 at 9:54 pm | Permalink

    Tonight you asked for comments.

    Good program. Authentic. Back to the roots. Enjoyable.

    This is what public radio should be all about.

    Keep on until I tell you to stop.

  2. Frazier
    Posted July 26, 2009 at 1:01 pm | Permalink

    proud to be an okie–what a program. first rate production. great script. You throw a wide loop. We’ll keep listen’ on Sundays at KGOU

  3. marz
    Posted August 23, 2009 at 9:47 pm | Permalink

    Soooo glad I finally found a place to register my approval of this gem of a show! This kind of radio program is a rich and lux boon to our collective heritage. We finally are receiving our propers. Keep up the fantastic work my fellow okies! I encourage everybody who has a tongue to recommend this program to everyone they can entice. Kudos to all!

    – a rockin cheerleader

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